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Posted by Flo McDonough on Oct 27, 2017 11:07:27 AM
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Periodically we are asked to speak to audiences about the downsizing process.  One of the challenges has been to develop creative answers to audience member questions about parting with treasures.  At one of the most recent events, it dawned on me that some of the most valuable material that we share with the audience has actually been provided by our audiences!  So here is a shout out to those nuggets of wisdom...


  • Keep an empty basket by the back door.  Any items that you no longer want/need are placed in the basket.  When family comes to visit, they are free to take whatever items are in this basket.  Any items left after family visits can be donated or thrown in the trash.
  •  Create a shadow box using pieces of a large collection.  This client had a rather large collection of old skeleton keys.  She realized that she would not be able to bring all of them with her into her new home.  She selected her favorites and placed them in a shadow box, creating an interesting piece of art for her walls!
  • Host a "moving" party.  These clients had many lovely pieces of furniture and art that would not fit into their new home.  A few months prior to the move, they had friends come over for a casual dinner.  During dessert, the guests were handed a pad of sticky notes, upon which they placed their name and then tagged items in which they were interested.  
  • Sort clothing for donation at the beginning of each season rather than at the end.  This is a tip that was recently shared with us, and one that I just adapted for the fall/winter.  It makes abundant sense given that charities are looking for the fall/winter clothes now!
  • If something comes into the closet, then something must come out.  Closets are an area where people tend to bring too many things.  We actually worked with one client who had so many clothes that on moving day, although we got all of the clothes into the closet, one of the bars holding the clothes pulled out of the wall under the weight!


We've always enjoyed working with our clients for a variety of reasons.  These helpful tips make us enjoy our work even more!


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 "Right-Sizing"  When  "Down-Sizing"

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