Hiring a Senior Move Manager?  Yes, Please!

Posted by Flo McDonough on Jul 31, 2017 12:35:18 PM
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If you tell someone that you work for senior move management company you will, inevitably, get a weak smile, a nod, and a blank stare.   It is clear that they do not quite understand what you do.  When you take a moment to explain the work that we do, your audience will usually clutch their immediate belongings.  


Fear not, suspicious reader!  Below are some real live customer reactions to the services that we have provided for them.  Ypou will also get a better sense of what we may be able to do for you. What better way than first hand reports to assure you of the value of hiring a senior move manager?


"I was very pleased with the services of the staff.  The discarding, downsizing, packing/unpacking and placement of furniture was done in a timely manner."  V.C.


"I couldn't have moved without you!  It was a wonderful experience."  G.H.


"It was absolutely fantastic to do so little and walk into an apartment all set up."  C.D.


"This has been a very positive experience.  It takes away most of the stress of moving and the results are very satisfying."  R.E.


Are you still skeptical?  Contact NASMM (National Association of Senior Move Managers) to get more information.  Here you will also be able to locate a senior move manager in your area -- getting you one step closer to less stress, less work and fewer delays in making your next move! 



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