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Posted by Flo McDonough on Apr 26, 2017 12:03:18 PM
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As an employee of a senior move management company, one of my responsibilities is to help clients transition from one home to another (usually smaller) home.  moving.jpeg

For seniors this inevitably means that there will be some downsizing, organizing and decluttering necessary before the move takes place.  Our goal is to work closely with the client to determine what they would like to keep and what they would like to leave behind.  Many of our clients find this to be a very challenging/difficult process.  Nearly everything that they have, regardless of its age or condition, is placed in the "keep" pile.  Despite our best efforts, we are not always successful in getting the "keep" pile to a reasonable size.  


It is interesting to spend some time talking to our clients.  We have found that clients sometimes have misperceptions about the work that we do.  Below, I hope to clear up some of these misunderstandings.

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Myth:  Senior move managers don't understand the need to hang on to items.

Fact:  I actually do get it.  Maybe a little too well.  After all, who has not hung on to an unknown object with the hope that its purpose will soon be revealed?  Who among us does not have a pile of clothing that needs mending, but for a variety of reasons hasn't gotten around to doing it?  I have three daughter who, once upon a time, competed in Irish dance.  I proudly made their dresses, which was no small task.  Despite the fact that they have not danced in over 7 years, I only recently got rid of their dresses.  The thought of tossing all that hard work away was more than these crafty hands could handle.


MythSenior move managers are neat freaks.

Fact:  Please don't look too closely when you visit my home.  Seriously.  End of discussion.  Thank you.


Myth:  Senior move managers will judge me based upon what they see/my living situation.

Fact:  Senior move managers are trained to handle everything from clients who simply need only a couple of hours of organizing to those who will need many days of work.  There is not much that surprises us.


Myth:   The work of a senior move manager will result in the removal of some of my cherished belongings.

Fact:  Safety is one of our main goals when helping a client move or organize their home.  In the end this seems to result in a tidy home.  Senior move managers will work closely with you, making every effort to keep the most important things.


Myth:  My children/family will want those items that I amnot taking.

Fact:  Check with them first.  If possible, have your children come and take a look at the things that you would like them to have.  Do not take offense if they turn your offers down.  Hint:  tell them a bit of history about each item, it may be enough to interest them!


Are up to the challenge of doing some of this work on your own?  Click on the button below to access your decluttering checklist.    


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