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Posted by Flo McDonough on Nov 4, 2016 1:09:34 PM
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Have you ever moved?  Ever?  Do you recall the angst, panic, nervousness and frustration that accompanied the move?  Regardless of how well planned you though the move was, there was, no doubt, at least one or two glitches along the way. Imagine what the process is like for an elderly person who is planning a move!  Enter the senior move manager to help with all aspects of the move!


The senior move management industry has existed since the late 1990s.  Despite having celebrated nearly 20 years of existence, there are many who are still uncertain of our existence and what we do. We hear everything from "movers" to "folks who help seniors loosen up and move their bodies"!  According to the National Association of Senior Move Managers  a senior move manager's mission is:


" facilitate the physical and emotional aspects of relocation for older adults, ...and to promote the delivery of our services with compassion and integrity"


Everyone would like to make their upcoming move easier, and that is where the senior move manager is most helpful.  


When we have a consultation with a client, the most common complaint heard from the client is that they are completely overwhelmed and have no idea where to begin the process.  On average the senior has been in their home for 30 years.  During this time they have accumulated many things -- some of which are genuinely valuable, others hold personal sentiment, while others are not worth keeping a tall.  The role of the senior move manager is to work closely with the client to sift through the treasure trove that lies within the confines of the house.  


A senior move manager must be able to wear many hats, primary among them is the "hand holder".  Our clients are inclined to want to take everything with them.  The senior move manager is understanding of this need, but will also need to be gently persuasive in getting the client to let some things go. As organizer extraordinaire Marie Kondo puts it, rather than Marie Kondo.jpg"getting rid" of things, we like to focus of what the client will be keeping.  Understandably, clients tend to be nervous about giving up even the smallest piece of their property.  For those items in the home that are not making the trip to the new space, the senior move manager will arrange for their donations.  A quality senior move manager will have contacts with many of the resources needed to complete the requested work in a timely fashion.  


Given that senior move managers are usually contacted when the client is moving from a family home to a senior community, downsizing is an essential part of the move.  Preparing a layout with the client is usually what convinces the client that they will be unable to take everything with them  We are sensitive to what the client would like to bring.  At the same time we are realistic as to what can be taken, keeping necessity, safety and usefulness of each item in mind.  


There has got to be a reality reality tv show in here somewhere...between some of jobs that we do, the clients that we work with, the emotions involved, the office work and the "big reveal", there is always something noteworthy.  The best part of the job?  Seeing a client's satisfaction upon the completion of the job.  Knowing that we were able to make a seemingly insurmountable task a reality is tremendously rewarding.


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