Senior Move Manager, Defined

Posted by Flo McDonough on Apr 4, 2017 12:17:26 PM
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Senior Move Manager (smm):  (noun)


Definition:  A person who manages an elderly client’s move from one home to another. 

Synonyms:  life/marriage/family saver; heaven-sent help; just what you need for your next move

Sentence:  My parents hired a senior move manager to help them move out of the family home and into an apartment in a senior community; I was able to spend time with my parents while the senior move manager did the necessary work. 


Moving for anyone is a stressful process.  If you are moving into a smaller space, it will be necessary to downsize your possessions.  For the elderly it is particularly difficult; having to consider what to keep and what to pass along is also an emotional event.  Nearly everything that they come across will have some significant meaning to it.  It is the job of a senior move manager to oversee the process, working closely with the client and their family.




Senior move managers are trained and certified by the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) to work with their clients during this exciting time of their lives.  The goal of a smm is to make the transition from home to another as smooth and stress free as possible.  Senior move managers are aware of the challenges of the move, and are sympathetic to the client’s concerns.  A senior move manager will have access to a number of resources that their client may need during the process.  These include auctioneers, movers, realtors, etc.; the resources will be recommended as needed.  No decision is made without a client's input.  Ideally, senior move managers are there to facilitate the move, with the client being the “conductor”.


The process is simple:

  1. Measure the new space, then work with the client on a layout.
  2. Help the client decide upon the items that they will keep. All other items will be placed in a new “home”.
  3. Pack the client.images (1).jpeg
  4. Unpack and set up the client at the new home. This will include bed making, picture hanging and furniture arranging (if needed). On moving day the aim is to have the client completely unpacked and comfortable in their new home. 


The number one thing that a senior move manager hears when they meet with a client for the first time is that they are “overwhelmed” and “do not know where to begin”.  After the intial consultation we will develop a plan of attack, scheduling days of downsizing, packing and moving.  If the client is willing/able,  “homework” will be left with the client to do in between visits from the smm. 


Do you still need some more convincing?  Read what senior move manager clients are saying:


  • You were truly organized – in preparations for the move, during the actual move, and afterwards in setting up my apartment. Organize Senior Moves truly lived up to its name.


  • The efficiency in the “know-how” cannot be underestimated.


  • When moving day came, I could not believe how easy it was.


Some senior move manager will also break the age requirement and extend their services to anyone who is in need of help with an upcoming move!  You can find a senior move manager in your area by contacting the NASMM locator and typing in your zip code.  Now, be prepared for reduced stress, a smoother transition, and the comfort of knowing that the details of your move are in good hands!


Why I Need a  Senior Move Manager  in My Life!



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