The ABCs of Senior Move Managers

Posted by Flo McDonough on May 31, 2017 12:49:53 PM
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The senior move management industry has existed for more than 15 years.  Despite it's age, many people are not familiar that such help exists.  In an effort to clarify what it is that we do, below you will find an ABC guide to senior move managers and the work that they do!


A  Senior move managers will assess what is needed to move a client from one home to another.  We are also available to advise clients in regards to the steps being taken to make the transition.


B  We will work closely with each client to help them with the difficult decisions of what to bring with them to their new home


C  If needed, a senior move manager is able to create a  custom layout for each client. We will also coordinate every aspect of the upcoming move for you.


D  Downsizing and decluttering is an essential part of transitioning from one home to another.  A senior move manager will work closely with you through this part of the process.


E  Planning a move can be emotional and exhaustive.  Senior move managers aim to help make the job as easy as possible for the cliet.  


F  We encourage your family to be as involved as they would like to be.  This can be a tremendous help when making decisions, but it is not neccesary.  If requested, we will keep them updated on the progress being made.  


G  Clients will work with the senior move manager to create goals that are attainable within the timeline provided.


H  When appropiate, a senior move manager will sometimes leave "homework" for a client.  The client will be tasked with manageable work that is to be completed before the next scheduled visit.  This is a great way to keep costs down.


I  Senior move managers take great pride in providing their clients with individualized attention.  


J  When you work with a senior move manager, they will not pass judgement on you/the condition of your home.  We are frequently asked by your clients if theirs is the worst home that we've worked in!


K  The kitchen is typically the area of the house where people have too many gadgets and duplicate items.  Whether your plans include a move or you are staying put, be sure to do a thorough job when decluttering your kitchen.  


L   We love what we do.  No two days are ever the same, even when we are working with the same client!


M We all have memories attached to our homes and the contents of the home.  One of the many hats that a senior move manager wears is that of someone who not only understands that, but is also able to help find a way to preserve those memories.


N  If you are looking to hire a senior move manager, refer to the National Association of Senior Move Managers' website.  There you will have the ability to locate a senior move manager by simply entering your zip code.  


O  One of the most frequent comments that we hear when we first speak with a potential client is "I am so overwhelmed!  I have no idea where to begin!"  One of the goals of a senior move manager is to help reduce this sensation and replace it with a feeling of confidence.


P  The senior move manager will help you to prioritize the work that needs to be done in your home prior to your move.  


Q  A senior move management company will work as quickly and efficiently as possible to meet the needs of the client.  


R  Your senior move manager will have a list of outside resources that can be tapped into when needed.  These resources will include movers, antique dealers, book dealers, paper shredding services, realtors, etc.  


S  The safety of our clients is the first concern of senior move managers.  Any work that is done by a senior move manager is done with the the client's safety in mind.


T  Although it is one of the more difficult aspects of the job, a senior move manager is trained to work with clients who believe that everything in their home is a "treasure".  Although we may not agree, we are willing to work with the client and find a happy medium.


U  We make very attempt to understand and accommodate a client's needs.


V  Senior move managers are more than movers.  We understand that moving is a very difficult process, especially for the elderly.  Our clients have found tremendous value in being able to have an extra hand and set of eyes when undertaking a move.  


W  At the end of moving day, the senior move manager will walk through your new home with you to make sure that you know where everything has been placed.  This is especially helpful in the kitchen!


 Something that we see with many people who are moving is that they bring too many xtras (you knew that was coming, right?).  If the downsizing has been done properly, there will be fewer xtras to find a home for in the new home.  


Y  One of the primary reasons our clients are looking to move is that they no longer want to take care of the yardwork assocaited with owning a home.


Z  When you use a senior move manager you will create plenty of buzz among  your friends -- they will all want to know how you made a move without losing your sanity!



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