Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Senior Move Manager

Posted by Flo McDonough on Jun 27, 2017 1:06:53 PM
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 Are y ou familiar with the work that a senior move manager does?  You are in good company.  Most others do not know either.  Essentially, if you are going to be moving, the senior move manager can help you along the way.  Read below to find out why you may want to look into this invaluable service!


1.  You are feeling overwhelmed, and do not know where to start.  Overwhelmed-by-Stress-and-Anxiety-How-to-Deal-with-It.jpg


2.  Your home has been sold, and you have a deadline to meet.


3.  Family is not available to help.


4.  Un-anticipated problems will be handled by the senior move manager.


5.  Senior move managers have access to a large number of resources that you may need.


6.  Having a third party, unrelated to you, will provide a fresh, unbiased perspective on what needs to be done.  


7.  Using a senior move manager will streamline the process, where all activity will be coordinated by the senior move manager.


8.  The senior move manager will work with you to help you to decide what furniture to bring with you, creating a layout as decisions are made.  


9.  You will receive appropriate attention to detail.


10.   You have a strong desire to maintain your sanity and reduce your stress during the transition.





Engaging a senior move manager has so many other benefits. Call your local senior move manager to get more information. The easiest way to locate a senior move manager is to visit the National Association of Senior Move Manager's website at  By entering your zip code you will have access to the senior move managers in your area, and will start the journey to your easiest move ever!



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