5 Organizing Tips from Our Clients

Posted by Flo McDonough on Oct 27, 2017 11:07:27 AM

Periodically we are asked to speak to audiences about the downsizing process.  One of the challenges has been to develop creative answers to audience member questions about parting with treasures.  At one of the most recent events, it dawned on me that some of the most valuable material that we share with the audience has actually been provided by our audiences!  So here is a shout out to those nuggets of wisdom...

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Topics: steps to take before a move, helping parents to move, decluttering, sorting before a move, downsizing your home, Downsizing, donations, right-sizing

6 Organizing Blogs That We Love

Posted by Flo McDonough on Aug 22, 2017 2:26:49 PM

Join us on the journey of decluttering each home, one by one! These blogs all have a different "flavor", but all with the intent of getting each of us more organized!

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Topics: decluttering, aging in place, help family to move, downsizing your home, Downsizing, spring cleaning, donations

Hiring a Senior Move Manager?  Yes, Please!

Posted by Flo McDonough on Jul 31, 2017 12:35:18 PM

If you tell someone that you work for senior move management company you will, inevitably, get a weak smile, a nod, and a blank stare.   It is clear that they do not quite understand what you do.  When you take a moment to explain the work that we do, your audience will usually clutch their immediate belongings.  

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Topics: Senior Move Manager, working with seniors, decluttering, help family to move, sorting before a move, Downsizing, what does a senior move manager do, moving, donations

"De-Cluttering" is Not a 4 Letter Word!

Posted by Flo McDonough on May 10, 2017 1:52:29 PM

I have an experiment for you readers:  Tell someone that you would like to help them "declutter" or "downsize" their belongings. The responses will range from outright refusal to a wonderful look of gratitude.  After five years of work with a senior move management company, here are some of the most common responses that encountered:

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Topics: safety for seniors, independent living, help parents move, moving out of family home, decluttering, aging in place, help family to move, sorting before a move, downsizing your home, Downsizing, spring cleaning guide, moving, donations

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